“One of the single most debilitating, destructive and stress causing issues I have ever experienced in my life was a recent family dispute. At its peak, a code of “not talking” ensued. It was through a very close friend that I received the business card of Saranne Segal. My family agreed to mediate. On a Sunday and with a soul-stricken heart I texted Saranne asking for help. I apologised, and said it was critical. Was there any way we could get help on a Sunday?

All our health was at stake. Saranne got to work, calming me, texting and speaking to the “other side “.By Monday at two separate meetings, the healing began. Ms. Segal took our porcelain thin family relationship, a shadow of its former self and navigated a minefield of hurt, misapprehension, misunderstandings, and yes, the start of hate. This all started to slowly thaw and melt. It is with an outstretched hand so professionally applied and so gently applied that a new family relationship has been forged. Am I ashamed that as I write this there are tears of joy running down my face? I realise we have our lives back. “Thank you” goes nowhere near the respect and gratitude we have of Saranne Segal.”

Hi Saranne, I just want to say thanks for your time & gentle manner yesterday. You have a lovely way which helped make the mediation as positive as possible.

Some good news. I’ve a signed parental agreement in my hands. Thank you very much for all your efforts. Should you want a testimonial for your business, I’d have no hesitation in paying testament to your great efforts.

Thanks for sending through the document. I really appreciate your efforts on Monday to try resolve our parenting and financial matters. I think you did a great job.

Glad to have the opportunity to thank you for your help and support!

Thank you for your effort today – you earned your stripes. In all I think we both ended up with a more robust and more thorough agreement without too much in variation of the intent and original position.

I am so appreciative of your warm professionalism, holding such a safe neutral space. yesterday. Thank you so very much.