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    Restoring harmony, collaboration and productivity
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Why Conflict Resolution Coaching (CRC) ?

When people work together, it’s common to have personality clashes and disagreements. Unfortunately, most of us are not well equipped to respond to challenging behaviours in a way that de-escalates conflict.

What is Conflict Resolution Coaching?

CRC is a structured, ,tailored process designed to teach an individual or group how to connect and collaborate in tough situations, resolve conflict and effectively reintegrate into the team or workplace.

CRC is facilitated by an experienced, unbiased conflict resolution expert. CRC can be used to deal with a specific dispute or empower staff to gain confidence in managing conflict.

The process provides insights into greater self-awareness, group dynamics and strategies to navigate ongoing challenging situations and sessions are a flexible mixture of one-on-one and group sessions.

When is Conflict Resolution Coaching needed?

Conflict is either overt or bubbling under the surface, leading to a lack of cohesion and trust between individuals or teams.
CRC is particularly effective when there is uncertainty on how to move forward.

Collaboration, engagement and productivity are being impacted.

There are often personality clashes or difficult people in the workplace and it is common to need strategies to deal with them.

An investigation may have been held that recommended conflict coaching take place.

CRC can also be undertaken before a formal investigation takes place to consider all options open to both the individuals involved and the organisation as a whole. There is a danger of the workplace culture becoming toxic which will often lead to the loss of employees.

Why is Conflict Resolution Coaching needed?

CRC is a powerful tool that can save the organisation much time, money and angst.

CRC will help employees develop interpersonal communication skills, build self-awareness and develop options to resolve the issues they are experiencing.

There is a danger of the workplace culture becoming toxic which will often lead to the loss of employees.


  1. Finding the means to respectfully express dissatisfaction can provide an avenue to regain a positive working environment.
  2. Participants feel heard and understood, tensions are diffused and issues resolved.
  3. Participants gain insights into how conflicts arise and how to best diffuse or resolve them so that they don’t reignite once more.
  4. Cohesion, collaboration and productivity are re-established.
  5. The process demonstrates the company’s commitment to a non-toxic, respectful and supportive culture.

What role does the coach play?

Reading or watching a video about how to manage conflict is very different to doing it. The coach is there to provide practical guidance to the person or group experiencing conflict, difficult issues or uncomfortable situations.

The coach works with people to develop skills and strategies that leave them feeling better equipped to manage issues of interpersonal conflict or toxic behaviours before it spreads throughout the organisation.

Your coach, Saranne Segal, is a highly experienced conflict resolution practitioner and founder of Segal Conflict Solutions. She addresses the person’s or group’s needs by tackling the issue head-on while working on restoring working relationships in a pragmatic, structured and empathetic way.

Your coach will help you:

  • interact better with confrontational coworkers or managers.
  • deal with difficult personalities.
  • have difficult conversations with confidence.

If you’d like to chat and see how we could help you nip people-issues in the bud quicker, please book an obligation-free consultation.

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