Workplace Mediation Services

A healthy business environment often thrives on competitiveness, different working styles, lively debates, diverse personalities and backgrounds. However, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s when we get involved with our workplace conflict resolution services.

Where’s the line

When trust or rules are broken, moral codes are breached or communication shuts down, conflict can quickly escalate.

This is the line. When employees become affected on a personal and emotional level, workplace mediation is essential. As this type of conflict rarely goes away on its own.

Conflict is contagious

In fact, as with any incident in a community, a problem can quickly escalate as more people become involved. In a work environment, it’ll come as no surprise, that both productivity and performance suffer.

Time to take action

Ideally, you’ll bring us in as independent mediators before things escalate. However, often the scale of the problem is unforeseeable. Fortunately, we’re prepared for this at every level.

What happens next

We assist as a totally neutral party to help resolve workplace disputes between employees and managers or business owners. Not just to find compromises and solutions but to rebuild working relationships.

A last chance

Workplace mediation is often an olive branch to resolve disputes without filing a formal complaint or lodging a Fair Works Commission or Industrial Tribunal claim. Both cost emotionally and financially and are best avoided.

In short, workplace mediation provides:

  • Recognition and Understanding
    The opportunity to discuss the issue, feel heard and gain insight into the other person’s perspective. All of which strengthens the likelihood of an amicable outcome.
  • Self-Empowerment
    Employees can feel like the underdog. Unbiased meditation encourages the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the solution, so there’s a joint sense of control and positivity about moving forward.
  • Efficiency
    Workplace mediation can be wrapped up in a couple of hours. Rather than dragging on for months through filing a formal complaint with the Fair Work Commission or Industrial Tribunal.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Not surprisingly mediation is way more time and cost-effective than long settlements with high legal fees. Which is good for your business’s bottom line too.

Common workplace disputes

  • Personality clashes
    Can see even the smallest issue escalate into something big and all-consuming.
  • Performance issues
    For example, when a manager consciously or unconsciously delivers negative feedback in a way that causes that employee to feel unfairly treated or worse, bullied.
  • Harassment and bullying
    When someone feels victimised by another person’s intentional or unintentional behaviour towards them.
  • Ineffective leadership styles
    When a person’s leadership style has a negative impact on employees’, resulting in frequent complaints about bad communication, unclear expectations, poor performance, high staff turnover and absenteeism.

Our workplace mediation skills can help with all of the above. As well as any others you’re looking to resolve. Every case is different but be assured we know how to handle it.  

Why choose Segal Conflict Solutions?

When you begin to think a workplace dispute can’t be resolved, we know it can.

We have the confidence, the qualifications and the understanding. Plus, years of experience helping real people deal with real conflicts, to know there’s always a resolution.

Outcomes that can be worked on and achieved for the benefit of all.

Workplace mediation for large and small businesses.

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