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Invest in your team and your business with our coaching services

It’s all very well for businesses to talk about strategies, culture and values, but if they’re not supporting them, they’re nothing but aspirations.

Our collaborative coaching services can change this by strengthening organisations from within. Giving managers the skills to identify, prevent and manage problematic teams or handle difficult personalities. Ensuring these aspirations become actions.

Our coaching services can help with:

Conflict Coaching

Understand conflict and how to identify, manage and resolve even complex issues effectively.

Leadership coaching

Being outstanding at your job doesn’t mean you’re a natural leader. We provide leadership training to those who are deservingly promoted into management roles but would benefit from people management skills and team motivation tactics.

HR mentoring

We support, guide and mentor HR professionals, as well as individuals who are responsible for human resources within their role but have no formal HR background. We ensure continual development by offering ongoing HR mentoring and support or ad hoc sessions. Whatever works best for you.

Optimising flexible work arrangements

Workplace flexibility presents both benefits and challenges to managers and employees.

We help managers who are striving to balance the needs of their teams with the needs of the organisation. To do this we introduce methods that encourage accountability, build team and company culture, ensure fair access to work and job opportunities.

To conduct coaching we will:

Meet with the organisation and individual to set expectations.

Set and agree objectives with the individual to support targeted development and the outcome.

Begin coaching which typically takes between 6-12 sessions over 3-6 months, depending on what we want to achieve.

Encourage a face-to-face initial session held at the client’s premises, with the option of a phone or video conference follow up.

Confidentially conduct, supportive and thought-provoking discussions to encourage self-directed improvement and development.

Why Segal Conflict Solutions?

Our coaching services create a positive, values-based culture that maximises people’s potential.

We love bringing out the best in individuals. This comes across when building genuine rapport and strong collaborative relationships with our clients.

We then draw on every bit of our psychology, law, industrial relations, human resources and mediation experience.

To give your employees, and in turn your business, the opportunity to shine.

Coaching services to bring out the best employee performance

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